Who is a Bodhisattva?

Osho speaks: “Bodhisattva means a Buddha in essence, a Buddha in seed, a Buddha asleep, but with all the potential to be awake. In that sense everybody is a bodhisattva, but not everybody can be called a bodhisattva — only those who have started groping for the light, who have started longing for the dawn, in whose hearts the seed is no longer a seed but has become a sprout, has started growing.

You are bodhisattvas because of your longing to be conscious, to be alert, because of your quest for the truth. The truth is not far away, but there are very few fortunate ones in the world who long for it. It is not far away but it is arduous, it is hard to achieve. It is hard to achieve, not because of its nature, but because of our investment in lies.

We have invested for lives and lives in lies. Our investment is so much that the very idea of truth makes us frightened. We want to avoid it, we want to escape from the truth. Lies are beautiful escapes — convenient, comfortable dreams. But dreams are dreams. They can enchant you for the moment, they can enslave you for the moment, but only for the moment. And each dream is followed by tremendous frustration, and each desire is followed by deep failure.

But we go on rushing into new lies; if old lies are known, we immediately invent new lies. Remember that only lies can be invented; truth cannot be invented. Truth already is! Truth has to be discovered, not invented. Lies cannot be discovered, they have to be invented.

Mind feels very good with lies because the mind becomes the inventor, the doer. And as the mind becomes the doer, ego is created. With truth, you have nothing to do…and because you have nothing to do, mind ceases, and with the mind the ego disappears, evaporates. That’s the risk, the ultimate risk.

You have moved towards that risk. You have taken a few steps — staggering, stumbling, groping, haltingly, with many doubts, but still you have taken a few steps; hence I call you bodhisattvas”. Osho, the Dhammapada, Vol 1

Osho Bodhisattva Meditation Garden is open to seekers from all religions, all paths of yoga & meditation. It is a gathering of friends interested in meditation and inner peace. It is open for seasoned meditators who have dedicated considerable time and effort to the search of truth & bliss, and for new seekers alike. It is not a place for intellectual debate and certainly not a place for selling meditation, strengthening one’s spiritual ego or practicing healing techniques blindly without in-depth experience of body energy channels. It’s a meditation garden dedicated to the practice of mindfulness using many of the Osho meditation techniques.

Effective October 16, 2014 our organization Osho Bodhisattva Corporation was declared exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is further classified under a Public Charity Status under section 170 (b) (1) (A) (i). We are qualified to receive bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the Code.

How do our objectives and activities fulfill an exclusively exempt 501 (c) (3) status?

The exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c) (3) are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to children or animals.

1. Religious contribution of Osho Bodhisattva Meditation Garden: Spreading meditation serves a religious purpose, as Hindu (Yoga), Buddhist and Jain religions specifically include chanting, prayer and meditation as religious activities. Western religions also talk of prayer. Meditation helps to unload pent-up emotions, calm the mind and makes one more relaxed and integrated. This state of peace and oneness with the whole is conducive to prayer, and prayer becomes more effective and successful. We offer meditation classes for free to the public regardless of their religious experience, ethnic or cultural background, and nationality.

2. Educational contribution of our Garden: It also serves educational purposes, as study of meditation is basically observation of mind, so it contributes greatly to education of mental behaviors and helps to improve social interaction. We also educate seekers on the history and methods of saints / enlightened religious teachers and mystics of the world and study their heritage through the prism of the modern man and utilization of their techniques in the XXI century. One can choose their own spiritual path based on the vast knowledge and techniques we familiarize them with.

Healthy living is part of the wholistic approach of our meditation, thus we practice and teach organic ways of growing and preparing food. Our Meditation Garden is a Permacultural Garden where nothing is wasted and where Earth is considered a living being and is greatly respected. We provide garden tours to all the interested members of the community and educate them of the above approach to gardening.

Our Garden is a certified Wildlife Habitat where we cherish a pesticide-free environment to protect our pollinators and birds.

3. Scientific & health related Contribution of Meditation (for Medical Science & Psychology) : Meditation as a form of worship contributes to science, especially medical science, as it helps to cure many diseases. Meditation is connected with Yoga & breathing techniques that help to cure many diseases. Furthermore, active meditations involve lots to physical activity which provide great aerobic exercise, help to reduce obesity and improve health in general. Meditation also helps to cure psychological disorders including tension, insomnia, depression, etc. Osho Bodhisattva Garden is planning to host special classes on diet, vegan food & detoxifying the body that will improve health of the society overall and help the nation reduce health costs, increase productivity and energy levels. Research has proven that meditation helps increase happiness, reduce the number of suicides and domestic violence.

4. Contribution for removing cruelty to children & animals: Meditative person becomes more joyful and loving. In fact, rising of joy and love in heart is considered the test of successful meditation. Meditation and compassion technique of prayer will also help to change attitude of man towards all beings including animals and nature. Thus it will also help to remove cruelty towards children and animals. We would work closely and actively with other local non-profit organizations whose purpose is to prevent abuse & violence and educate the society about the benefits of non-violent living. We are doing our best to create a loving, non-violent environment for everybody to enjoy. We would also invite aggressive and/or violent individuals to take part in our meditations and encourage people with the history of domestic abuse to practice meditation on a regular basis.

We  are 100% vegan and support non-violence towards animals. Our organization helps rescue and/or foster domestic/pet animals in need of a loving home whenever we have resources. We also work with Florida Rescue organizations and are a donor to South Florida Wildlife Center.

5. Charitable: All our religious services – prayer, chanting and meditation classes and sessions – are free. Donations are suggested for food  during day events, but we are also ready to help those who cannot afford and are interested in learning the meditation techniques. We try to use food grown in our garden whenever available during our potluck meditation events.

Spiritual History of Osho Bodhisattva Corp.

The history of our center goes back to the early 1990s when our religious teachers started introducing religious teachings and techniques of meditation to the general public of the Kingdom of Nepal. In 2009 the teachings were first introduced by Swami Anand Arun in a residential meditation retreat held in New York. Swami Arun comes from Osho residential center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then we have had regular weekly service meetings and meditation sessions and 3 to 4 yearly retreats at different locations nationwide. At this point, there are about 3,000 to 5,000 initiated disciples in the US alone. We also invite seekers from different countries- England, Russia, Nepal, etc – for our annual meditation retreats with Swami Arun.

Activities of Osho Bodhisattva Corp.

  • Providing regular meditation services to the general public and members of our center. The services include prayer, meditation and chanting sessions.
  • Providing objective religious studies of scriptures of all religions and faiths and biographies of saints and enlightened masters without prejudice.
  • Spreading message of world peace, harmony, non-violence and oneness amongst countries, religions and people.
  • Spreading the message of Prayer and Meditation for transformation of life of people around the globe through the use of various media including flyers, news bulletins, mailers, and the Internet.
  • Organizing monthly retreats on healthy living through physical exercise, practice of Yoga and body detox including free monthly counseling on healthy food habits, organic gardening and permacultural lifestyle.
  • Creating and operating the space for our religious practice. Maintaining of the Meditation Garden as required for the organization of meditation activities and religious study.
  • Helping any nonprofit organizations engaged in or helping in furthering above objectives.
  • Spreading the message of non-violence among human beings of all races and religions and non-violence to animals and the Earth. This shall also include rehabilitating animals that have been victims of abuse, violence or neglect.
  • Growing organic food for communal day meditation events and gatherings of meditators.